Upholstery Classes at Needle Rock – Learn how to upholster your own chair with our beginners course.

Needle Rock is pleased to announce the launch of their new upholstery classes, so you can learn the skills to reupholster your own chair, and transform it into a piece you will be proud of.

A pair of chairs, painted and rebuilt using modern techniques.

Looking for a new hobby?  Why not learn the craft of upholstery.  It is fascinating, and you will look at upholstered furniture in a completely new way.  You will no longer feel hopeless when a well-loved chair starts to look tired and lumpy!

Needle Rock are offering a beginners’ six-week upholstery course on Saturday mornings to begin on October 10th for 6 weeks.   The cost is £225, payable in advance.  The classes will run from 10am to 1pm.  The main project will be the reupholstering of your own project chair.  We will need to see photos of your project chair prior to the course just to make sure it is suitable for your level of ability.  If you do not have a suitable chair, contact us and we can help you source one. 

If your chair is wobbly or broken…

A chair repair service is available in-house at an additional cost (dependent on damage).  So, if your chair is wobbly or missing a component, don’t worry as Gordon can fix it for you.    

First, we attach webbing, then a layer of platform cloth.
Traditional upholstery – first layer of stuffing

Ali is a professionally trained upholsterer and a full member of the Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers (AMUSF), covering both modern and traditional upholstery techniques.  Ali will show you the skills required to transform your piece into something you will be proud of, and skills you can be confident in. If you finish your chairs – maybe make a footstool, the choice is yours!

If you have achieved a pair of drop-in seats and have time left, why not create a footstool?

You will need some basic upholstery tools…

a basic toolkit can be bought directly from us, or single items, if you already have some tools.   Upholstery supplies and fabric remnants can be bought directly from Needle Rock.  Needle Rock has accounts with an array of fabric manufacturers and sample books are available at the workshop for you to peruse.  A discounted rate will be available to course members.       

This is one of my first traditionally upholstered chairs – from 2014.

Class sizes are limited due to Covid-19 restrictions; with only 1 place remaining for this session.  For further details, or to secure your booking, contact ali@needlerock.co.uk or call 07534 216297.  

Do you have…

a piece of vintage furniture that needs ‘brought back to life’ then get in touch for a quote and hopefully you too will have something wonderful to show off!

A nursing chair is a chair that’s comfortable when nursing an infant. In Victorian times the nursing chair was a low seated partially upholstered chair. Nursing included caring for children as well as breastfeeding. The low seat of the chair allowed the mother, who would have been wearing a stiff corset, to interact with small children without bending over. This chair form was particularly popular in England and found primarily in upper class homes. Nursing Chair. The types of wood most frequently used were oak, rosewood or walnut. The seat was often sprung and could be button decorated or adorned with a circumferential braid or pair of braids. The chair legs were frequently of a cabriole style or a straight-legged spindle design. Needle Rock upholstery repair refurbish new vintage period piece.

Contact Dr Ali Wright: ali@needlerock.co.uk 07534 216297

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