Purple Jungle Suite – sofa and two chairs


This fabulous Purple Jungle Suite, sofa and two armchairs, has been rescued, rebuilt, and given a beautiful new identity. For best effect place it close to a selection of large green leafy houseplants for your very own jungle vibe!  Read on to see how we did it… 



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This Purple Jungle Suite, a sofa and two armchairs,  were destined for the recycling centre.  After many years of loyal service, this much-loved and worn set was surplus to requirements.  I always see potential in discarded items of furniture and so I rescued it. Straight away I discarded the cushions, and removed the original upholstery – this took flippin’ ages!

Tender, loving care – Centrally heated homes causes the glue in furniture frames to dry out, and in this case, this had caused ‘wobbly leg’ syndrome.  Gordon knocked the joints apart and re-glued them resulting in a sturdy and solid framework.  Next, the suite was taken to a local car body repair shop where it was professionally sprayed with the highest quality car paints and lacquered for durability.

Design Brief – The frames were rebuilt with modern upholstery and I chose a quality jungle-themed botanical velvet from Arley House. I teamed it with a luxurious mossy green velvet from Designers Guild to create a relaxing island vibe.  The Indonesian island theme features banana trees, palm trees and cheese plant leaves.   Hues of grey, turquoise, and plum complement the mixture of greens with contrasting double piping highlighting the undulating curves of the intricately carved woodwork.

Vision – I suggest teaming this suite with a selection of large green leafy houseplants for best effect.  Place it in your living room, conservatory, orangery, or penthouse suite.  Add some tactile cushions, sit down, breathe and relax… 

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Price is for three units, a sofa and two matching chairs.
Sofa dimensions = Height = 100cm, Width = 200cm, Depth = 60cm.