Victorian Settle


A Victorian Settle sympathetically restored, and reupholstered by Needle Rock using Designers Guild Talisman Arlequin fabric by Christian Lacroix. With a beautiful new identity it’s ready for its next adventure.



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This Victorian Settle (sometimes called a longseat), was rescued by John from  Coastal Antiques in Aberystwyth.  John had acquired it from the disused Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) Club just down the road from his shop in Aberystwyth.  Now, this is the home of  Bar 46, a popular nightclub in Aber.

Tender, Loving care – This battered and sorry-looking Victorian Settle desperately needed some love.  It had tatty upholstery, a broken front spill, and a missing arm.  With the ancient upholstery removed, Gordon got busy on the wood-turning lathe, making a new arm and a new front spill.  Gordon loves challenges like these, making replica pieces!

Design Brief – With the new portions added, it was a no-brainer to paint this rescued piece of history.  A multitude of different grey coloured paints were used to emphasise the age of the Victorian Settle.  Careful hand-painting was essential, as each spindle had the potential to cause unwanted drips.  The paintwork was sealed for durability, and it is now smooth and creamy to the touch.

The cut velvet is digitally printed with a kaleidoscope pattern, giving the illusion of a stained-glass window (Christian Lacroix at Designers Guild).  The seating area of this restored Victorian Settle is covered with a commercial-grade burnt orange fabric, so making it an ideal candidate for high-use areas.

Vision – The vibrant colours used on this Victorian Settle make it a stunning and unique statement piece.   With the restoration process complete, we are thrilled to offer you this piece of history into its next chapter.  A large hallway perhaps, somewhere to perch whilst putting on your shoes or slippers!

Width = 153cm; Height = 98cm; Depth = 48cm; Seat height = 54cm.

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