Occasional Chairs

Occasional Chairs

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  • Low-seated Carver Chair

    Low-seated Carver Chair

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    A low-seated carver chair given a new identity with an upholstered seat. In its original form, this chair had a caned seat. We’ve given it a touch of decadence with a striking designer fabric from F&P Interiors and a custom-made small round cushion with the designer fabric on one side and a black crushed velvet from the ‘Lustro’ range on the other.

    This funky chair would be right at home with anyone who likes a bit of luxury.

  • Jacobean-style decorative chair

    Jacobean-style Decorative Chair

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    A bold and glamorous makeover has been given to this beautifully carved Jacobean-style decorative chair. Not for the faint-hearted but a great opportunity to have as a statement piece in any dull corner of your home.

  • Persian Painted Carver Chair

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    An ornamental Persian Painted Carver chair, rescued from landfill, and lovingly restored to give a brand-new lease of life. With two new front spindles, this chair has been brought back from the brink.

    It is painted in matt grey with bronze highlights complimenting the Persian-like feel of the sumptuous fabric from the ‘Inca’ range from Porter & Stone. This is a modern rebuild, with decorative gold braid and a secret pop of decadence on the outside back.

  • Pair of Roman Curved chairs

    Carved Roman Chairs

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    I beat 60 other people when buying these chairs, when their owners were emigrating to Australia. Now it’s your chance to acquire this pair of Roman Carved Chairs. They’ve been stripped and refinished and reupholstered with decadent purple velvet saddle seats and gold trimmings. 

  • Victorian Nursing Chair with Maeve the 'Needle Rock' dog.

    Victorian Nursing Chair

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    A one-off opportunity to acquire this Victorian Nursing Chair. Used as a training piece, this chair has been fully rebuilt using traditional upholstery methods and materials.  It is is small and low-seated, ideal for breast-feeding mothers.  With an understated green fabric and contrasting orange outside back.

  • Jacobean Revival Chair | Functional Art

    Jacobean Revival Chair

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    Functional art at it’s very best. This chair not only looks good but you can sit on it too – coupled with some very real history! With a mix of colours and fabrics – this could be a striking addition to any home.

  • Granny Smith Chair & matching footstool

    Granny Smith Chair & footstool

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    This Granny Smith Chair & footstool is an antique Grandmother Chair that’s been given a contemporary makeover.  As we  love mixing old and new, we’ve made a matching footstool to go with it.   ‘Hoop La’ durable wool fabric in the Granny Smith colourway teamed with stripy aubergine is a great combination.