Bedroom Chairs

Bedroom Chairs

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  • Low-seated Carver Chair

    Low-seated Carver Chair

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    A low-seated carver chair given a new identity with an upholstered seat. In its original form, this chair had a caned seat. We’ve given it a touch of decadence with a striking designer fabric from F&P Interiors and a custom-made small round cushion with the designer fabric on one side and a black crushed velvet from the ‘Lustro’ range on the other.

    This funky chair would be right at home with anyone who likes a bit of luxury.

  • Pin-stuffed Tiger chair

    Pin-stuffed Tiger Chair

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    This pin-stuffed tiger chair is a delicate and delightful pin-stuffed chair reupholstered in ‘Tigris – Terra’, a plush animal print fabric from Today Interiors. The fabric is complemented by a gold braid that ties in the patterns on the woodwork.

    Great as a bedroom chair, or even a chair-robe, this small piece can fit in any location you want to enhance in your home.

  • Persian Painted Carver Chair

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    An ornamental Persian Painted Carver chair, rescued from landfill, and lovingly restored to give a brand-new lease of life. With two new front spindles, this chair has been brought back from the brink.

    It is painted in matt grey with bronze highlights complimenting the Persian-like feel of the sumptuous fabric from the ‘Inca’ range from Porter & Stone. This is a modern rebuild, with decorative gold braid and a secret pop of decadence on the outside back.

  • Victorian Nursing Chair with Maeve the 'Needle Rock' dog.

    Victorian Nursing Chair

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    A one-off opportunity to acquire this Victorian Nursing Chair. Used as a training piece, this chair has been fully rebuilt using traditional upholstery methods and materials.  It is is small and low-seated, ideal for breast-feeding mothers.  With an understated green fabric and contrasting orange outside back.

  • Granny Smith Chair & matching footstool

    Granny Smith Chair & footstool

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    This Granny Smith Chair & footstool is an antique Grandmother Chair that’s been given a contemporary makeover.  As we  love mixing old and new, we’ve made a matching footstool to go with it.   ‘Hoop La’ durable wool fabric in the Granny Smith colourway teamed with stripy aubergine is a great combination.