World Cancer Research Day – buy your ticket now for a chance to win a Parker Knoll Wingback Chair.

Today is the first World Cancer Research Day. Globally, someone is diagnosed with cancer every 2 seconds. Help raise money for Cancer Research Wales by buying your ticket for a chance to win a Parker Knoll Wingback Armchair.

World Cancer Research Day celebrates the extraordinary contribution of research to the way we treat cancer, and raises awareness of the importance of ongoing research in making a difference for cancer patients worldwide.

Win this 'Parker Knoll' Wingback chair.

On this day next year, I will be on an overnight flight to Tanzania, ready for the 20,000ft climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. I will be doing this to support the life-saving work of Cancer Research Wales.

I am raising £5000 to take part in this epic challenge, self-funding £2000. I am raffling this fabulous reupholstered ‘Parker Knoll’ wingback armchair and all funds raised will go to Cancer Research Wales.

Buy your tickets now, to support this worthy cause and for the chance to win this superb chair. Tickets cost just £5 each and tickets can be purchased here, or just make a donation for Cancer Research Wales at my Just Giving page. Please be generous you never know when you may need their support!

Win this 'Parker Knoll' Wingback chair - help raise money for Cancer Research Wales.
Win this ‘Parker Knoll’ Wingback chair.

With strong colours, red for the ‘Welsh Dragon’, and green for the ‘green green grass of home’, this chair not only looks superb, but is massively comfortable too, and would be a welcome addition to any home.

Due to Covid 19, the trip has been rescheduled from February 2021 to September 2021. Along with other fundraisers from Wales, we will depart the UK and fly to Tanzania, where we will attempt to climb the world’s highest freestanding mountain.

Mount Kilimanjaro above the clouds.

Trip details – the ‘Whisky route’

We will take the Machame route, also known as the Whisky route; an unfortunate name knowing my love of the golden drink of the Gods! Over seven days, we will climb Kilimanjaro from the equator up to an Arctic zone.

Whilst trekking we will move through grasslands, tropical rainforest, alpine meadows, moorlands and high desert, to areas of snow and ice where it will be exceptionally cold especially during the night! I am not expecting this trek to be easy, it is known to be very challenging, and each day we will experience a distinct ecosystem.

The last day, when we reach the summit is the longest trekking day. we will leave the camp at midnight, trek through the night, to reach the snow-capped summit by dawn. From the summit, which stands in isolation at 5965m above sea level, we will be looking out across the savannah plains of Africa. In Swahili they call this view the ‘Uhuru’ which means ‘freedom‘. Once experienced, we will begin the long descent back.

The Machame (Whiskey) Route up to Kilimanjaro - the world's highest free-standing mountain.
Machame (Whiskey) Route to Kilimanjaro.

No doubt, by the time we’ve descended, I will be looking forward to a deep, hot bath, with bubbles, and of course a celebratory whiskey or two!

Please give generously, either by buying your tickets to win the chair right here, or by donating at my Just Giving page. Thank you so much, together we can beat cancer!!

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shown your support and bought your tickets for a chance to win this fabulous Parker Knoll Wingback Chair. You can buy your tickets here or for your chance to win, or you can just make a donation to Cancer Research Wales at my Just Giving page.

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a piece of vintage furniture that needs ‘brought back to life’ then get in touch for a quote and hopefully you too will have something wonderful to show off!

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