Restoration News – Antique Settle (Victorian Longseat)

Rescued from…

the old RAFA (Royal Air Force Association) Club, Bridge Street, in Aberystwyth a few years ago. Ali spotted this wrecked Antique Settle outside Coastal Vintage Antiques, a shop further up the same street in Aberystwyth.

It had certainly seen better days. Painted black, it had just one arm, a front spill was broken, and the red leather upholstery was exceptionally tatty. Ali saw potential. She knew that with plenty of hard work, love and attention, this piece could be desirable once again.

Given a new lease of life

Now, transformed to the highest standard; painted in a multitude of greys, the paintwork is smooth to the touch. The long-seat is reupholstered with a commercial-grade burnt orange fabric, and decorative upholstery nails. The inside back is covered in ‘Talisman Arlequin’ fabric by French designer Christian Lacroix from the Designers Guild Collection. This cut velvet is digitally printed with a kaleidoscope pattern, giving the illusion of a stained-glass window.

This splendid designer fabric adds a layer of decadence to this piece of history.

Currently for sale in the Needle Rock shop for just £1250.
A personal delivery service is available for this item, delivery schedule and price will depend on location.

Do you have…

a piece of vintage furniture that needs ‘brought back to life’ then get in touch for a quote and hopefully you too will have something wonderful to show off!

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