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Narrowboat Upholstery: How to upgrade your narrowboat upholstery

Narrowboat Upholstery available at Needle Rock

Are you looking for a narrowboat upholstery makeover? This summer, at Needle Rock we’ve upholstered a couple of fabulous narrowboats. Talking with narrowboat owners, it seems it can be difficult to find someone to upholster this type of seating.

Custom-made upholstery was made for ‘Jack Frost’ (see below), and with space at a premium, the comfortable lounge area can now double up as a sleeping area.

Custom-made upholstery seating on ‘Jack Frost‘; seating area doubles up as a bed.

Benefits of custom-made upholstery

Narrowboats are hand-crafted, so it makes sense to have hand-crafted seating made-to-measure. On the two vessels we’ve worked on, the cushion shapes have been straightforward, mainly rectangular. We used two colourways of Ferrera; a multicoloured weaved fabric – teal on ‘Jack Frost’ and nightscape on ‘Kiboko’. Machine washable and with a wearability of 70,000 rubs (which means you can sit on it for 70,000 times before it’s tired), it’s definitely a winner.

Piping, cushions and curtains are available as optional extras.  On ‘Kiboko’ we made two made-to-measure bolster cushion which sit perfectly in their place. In addition, we added some piping to the cushions in the same fabric as the curtains. We’re sure you’ll agree, both interiors now look fantastic. 

Custom upholstery with made-to-measure square and bolster cushions
Made-to-measure cushions add finishing touches on ‘Kiboko’.

This is how we do it!

  • Send us a photo of your potential upholstery makeover.
  • Needle Rock will reply with an estimate of labour costs, and amount of fabric required.
  • We’ll work together to find the right fabric choice for you. We’ll choose fabrics for you to look at online, and send you samples of fabrics you like.
  • Once the fabric is chosen, we’ll arrange a timescale of the project, along with collection times. 
  • If further afield, we can arrange for one of our courier partners to collect existing seating. We will supply you with a large waterproof carry-case for safe travel, and a lightweight pair of scales, so the most reasonable courier quote can be attained.  
  • In-house inspection upon arrival – with discussion of any sub-structure repair or missing parts.
  • Estimate is firmed up as a confirmed quote and an end date is agreed.
  • Now the fun really starts!
  • Once complete, the goods are safely delivered, or packaged and couriered back to you.

Why not jazz things up further with some fabulous cushions from our online cushion shop.  Choose your shape, size and fabric.  Design your own cushions with mix and match fabrics on either side. Choose matching or contrasting buttons and piping. Swap sides on your cushions to change your mood, brighten up your day or impress your guests.

Your choice – your design.

Design your Mix & Match cushions here!

It’s on my bucket list…

I’m yet to stay on a narrow boat, although this type of holiday is definitely on my to-do-list. No doubt, it’s the perfect way to relax as you journey across the waters. According to the Canal & River Trust‘it’s the fastest way to slow down. With speed limits of 4mph and 2,000 miles of tranquil, calming canals to cruise along, your stress levels are reduced and a whole new, much steadier pace of life takes over’.

If you’d like the living space in your narrowboat to be given the Needle Rock effect, contact us now for a no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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