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Needle Rock chooses fabric made from

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Fabric made from plastic bottles? Why? Because…

Single use plastic bottles have become a big problem for the environment.  Each bottle can take on average up to 450 years to decompose naturally on landfill.  And those are just the bottles that people discard in the appropriate way into a bin and not left on the side of the road, in the park or in our waterways.

Water is an essential part of human life but the environmental impact is devastating.  Discarded bottles that end up in the ocean make up the third most recovered plastic rubbish from beach clean ups.

The way we are going there could be more plastic than sea creatures by 2050!

Fabric made from plastic bottles.

So what can be done?  Well, switching to reusable bottles for a start.  But, the recycling of plastic bottles needs to be improved, and the uses for the recycled end product more varied.

Some Ground-breaking News

One of Needle Rock’s suppliers, Porter & Stone have designed a fabric made 100% from recycled plastic bottles!

Yes, you read that correctly. Look at the process they use to turn plastic bottles into fabric! It’s fascinating!

Fabric made from plastic bottles.

Porter & Stone currently have a collection available called the REFORM Collection, with two fabric choices of Cosy (available in 26 colourways) and Snug.

This means that any piece of furniture can be completely upholstered or re-upholstered in a fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. A sofa covered in this fabric will save about 800 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill.

Now, that is what we call a result!

Fabric made from plastic bottles.

Current statistics show that out of every 6 bottles bought, only 1 is currently recycled, so there’s plenty of scope for improvement. With the current economic and environmental climate, this is most definitely a sustainable use for recycled plastic. 

This fabric is durable, looks really attractive and is both water repellent and stain resistant.

The fabric is also guaranteed to be free from harmful fluorocarbons (PFC) and is certified on the international safety certification system as free from harmful chemicals.

Through The Workshop Door

Needle Rock has used one of these fabulous and ground breaking fabrics on two pieces of cherished furniture that recently came through the workshop door. A well-used ottoman box and bedroom stool have been given a new lease of life. What do you think?

Who’d have thought that fabrics made from discarded and recycled water bottles could look this good!

Fabric made from plastic bottles.
Close up of part of an Ottoman Box using the cosy fabric, in colour OCEAN, made from plastic bottles.
Bedroom stool recovered in fabric made from plastic bottles.
Bedroom Stool using the eco friendly fabric.

Cosy Colourways

‘Cosy’ in a selection of colourways.

Colourways of Cosy fabric made from recycled bottles

What tired pieces of furniture do you have lurking around your home, garage or attic? Why not dig it out and contact Needle Rock for a no obligation quote? Maybe you will be the next mover and shaker to use one of these ground breaking environmentally friendly fabrics!

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