Inspirational Women in Business


Uplifting and motivational stories from extraordinary women: Paper back 184 pages.

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Nineteen inspirational women feature in this book, each with their own chapter and their own personal story that will fascinate and inspire women across the world. Needle Rock’s very own Dr Ali Wright starts the book off with Chapter 1.

IWOW (Inspirational Women of the World) was created in 2020 by two successful Welsh business entrepreneurs Welsh ladies, Dawn Evans and Tracey Smolinski. During the Covid 19 global pandemic, Dawn and Tracey, realised that women across the globe needed a safe space to talk and to support each other. IWOW is now a thriving global community of women entrepreneurs, who network and support each other in business. 

This book gives nineteen inspirational women in business the chance to share their stories and to inspire others to begin their journey. Although it references ‘Business’ in the title, these chapters are NOT about ‘how to set up/run a business’. In fact…FAR from it! These are ‘nitty gritty’ real life stories from humans who have dealt with some serious adversity, but who have overcome it through sheer will and determination to succeed. 

All proceeds from this book is going to the IWOW Foundation ‘Fund and Build’ project – a project in Morocco to provide a much needed space for the women to develop their business, baking bread, local cookies, weaving and preparing herbs. Dawn and Tracey now have a mission to make a massive impact to inspire and uplift one million women by 2030.

IWOW is all about empowering women and giving them opportunities that they thought were not possible.